You are Beautiful!

  This is the real me!

Last weekend I attended a conference in Chicago with 4000 other folks. Such great content. It was all about business but presented in a variety of ways. I love that part because most business conferences are snoresville! Not this one!!!

Anyway, one of the presenters was speaking on finding and using your authentic voice in today’s world of Social Media. I find that it is so easy to portray ourselves as something other than who we really are on SM.

The perfect family, the perfect most beautiful home, the best outfit, perfect hair, perfect make-up all the time, perfect vacations. Perfect life!

Certainly this not the conscious thought of the one posting, (I hope not) but we have all been guilty of cleaning the clutter from the frame, staging the props, get great lighting, only take a pic when you are fully made up, on and on.  I get the love of looking at pretty things, but we all know that THIS IS NOT real life.

Anyway, back to the speaker, she made a statement that I have not been able to get off of my mind.

– She said “If you have ever or do hate your body, stand up”.

There was not one single butt in a seat. EVERYONE stood up. 4000 people y’all.

I have some thoughts on this I would like to share if I may. AND I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

First of all, I am guilty. I stood up. Well in the past I was guilty. I made the decision right then and there to love me!

If one hates their body then that opens a door for all kinds of negative garbage to fill you up. Insecurity, lack of confidence, shame, jealousy, comparison, lack, doubt, fear on and on.

I ask you, how in the world can we live an abundant joyful life carrying around all that weight? We can’t! You are so full of garbage that no light can get in or out!

The bible says in Philippians 2 that we are to shine like the stars.  People are attracted to shiny things.

If we are dimmed with all that garbage than no one sees us. Perhaps that is your desired result. If so, I have been there and I would love to talk and pray with you because YOU CANNOT STAY THERE! You have far too much value to stay there.

Hey, we need to be healthy, no way around that. Being unhealthy also keeps you from joy and abundance.

If you have a mind full of the above garbage than you also have zero motivation to get/be healthy.

Though that is very important, that is not the point of this post.

My point is that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Yes YOU the one reading this right now.

My friends it is time to RISE UP from the pit! RISE UP! What you put out, you will get back. Walk tall today, look people in the eye and smile. Give joy and shine like the stars.

My body is a host for the spirit of the One True GOD! Can I hate that?

My body formed, carried and birthed two awesome humans. Can I hate that?

My body has taken me to many adventures and beautiful places. Can I hate that?

My body has been there for me in spite of my neglect and abuse to it. Can I hate that?

My body fought for me to heal cancer and responded to me with love even though my actions caused the cancer. Can I hate that?

My body loves me and I love my body!!







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