Why Young Living?

Straight from the source

Why do I choose Young Living oils over all the other choices available? That is easy to answer, the same reason I buy eggs and vegetables from a local farmer. They are in control of the entire process. I know the source. YL calls this the Seed to Seal Promise.  Like my local farmer, I trust them. They both have full disclosure practices. As a member of YL I can visit the farms. There is nothing to hide. There is no other oil company that owns their farms and compares in quality to YL. NONE!

Did you know that you can visit the farms and distilleries anytime? Yep, open book, full disclosure. It so very cool and such a fun experience. See a pic of myself with our founders Gary& Mary at the farm in Utah. Also a photo of the Lavender fields in Utah.





I want to be assured that what I use in my home and on my family and pets promotes health, not awful side effects and illness.

Young Living has been in business for more than two decades and is the World Leader in Essential Oils. They have done over 1 billion dollars in annual revenue since 2015 and growing at a rapid pace. This tells me that the world wants what YL offers. We are tired of the chemical laden-ed products offered to us from other places.

I don’t know about you, all I know is that since I have been using Young Living I can honestly say that my life is full of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. I would never use anything else.

Young Living makes excellence easy!


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