When it all began

When it all began…

It was June of 2017 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I did not freak out which was strange, I felt peace. It was as if I knew it would happen to me someday. With 1 out of 7 or less, women being diagnosed now it really isn’t any surprise that it was me.

I remember thinking OK lets do this. I immediately changed my diet and eliminated ALL sugar. I had learned that cancer feeds on sugar. I had also learned two things by watching my friends go through Cancer treatment , 1. I would get no nutritional advice from a traditional DR and 2. I was not going the traditional route. I wanted to be and would be HEALED with education and nutrition.

I realized that the way I had been living is what caused my cancer therefore I could fix it. I felt peace in knowing that. Peace did not come from feeling in control but rather understanding that my body was created a certain way and if I just gave it what it needed to function properly it would all be OK. That makes sense to me.

“I realized the way I was living was killing me”

Understand that I was not living a wild lifestyle but I ate lots of Mexican food and drank about 4 Margaritas every week. I love them, always have, but they had to go! Food of course isn’t the only reason but a big one for sure. I changed the way I eat. There are certain foods that give life and foods that take life away. I honestly had no idea. If it tasted good and satisfied me, I ate it. Now I eat what is called the BALi lifestyle .    

I poured myself in to learning, books, webinars, seminars. I couldn’t get enough. Each step of the way I would learn and implement. Little changes at a time. Each change I made no matter how small I felt more confident in healing. Next up was toxic products. Again, I had no idea. Well I had heard of that but never ever thought I was at risk. We never really think it will apply or happen to us. If we did, than we would have to change and change is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and usually expensive!

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