One of my favorite times are those quiet mornings that I sit with a cup of something warm and my bible.

Aww- “speak to me Lord.”

This morning as I sit with the oils of Release and Valor in my diffuser and pray. I don’t expect much from the oils but hope if there is anything to be “released” it will come with ease.

I open my bible and boom, immediately the tears come.

I don’t really know what is behind them, I don’t have to. Just allow them to fall.

FEAR, there it is- fear of what if…

What if cancer is still there. What if…

Fear is a tool of the father of lies. It is a fraud.

Valor, the other oil in my diffuser this morning.

Courage to recognize the fraudulent impostor and not give it the attention it desires.

Courage to stand in assurance that Emmanuel  ,God with us ,is there and fully present at ALL times.

Where my attention goes the energy flows.

Awww- how simple, how beautiful!

My attention is on life abundant. A river of blessings flowing non-stop.

I am healed – I am healthy – I am well- In Jesus name.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

You have made known to me the path of life 

psalm 16:11


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