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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.  I’m  Diana and I am wife to Brian, mom to two grown boys and friend that values kindness, truth, healthy cooking, personal growth and having less stuff and more experiences.  I love a beautiful beach, weenie dogs and Jesus and have always dreamed of life in an RV. Sounds crazy I know but exciting as well.   I am passionate about leading women to creating a healthy home and making the second half of their lives the best half! Life is a beautiful gift and is not to be squandered. 

Everybody has a story. I hope ours get a chance to intersect. I would love to connect with you. 

A good laugh and a glass of wine with a friend is powerful!


My Favorite Wellness Boosters

Some of my favorites that I am never without.

Ninxgia Red

Drink a couple of ounces daily to feel AMAZING! ♥.check it 

out here.


Thieves Cleaner

This is stuff is amazing! One cleaner for literally EVERYTHING!

Ditch the toxins and switch to Thieves!

Immupro and Tranquil

Both of these are by my bedside and are always with me when I travel!

If you want to feel rested everyday, this is it!


Have questions? Message me.


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