Ways To Use Essential Oils

Many Ways to Use Oils

When I began using essential oils I only used a couple of oils and I only used them topically by rubbing them on the bottoms of my feet.

I soon discovered all the fun and oh so effective ways to use essential oils.

There are actually 3 main ways they are used

  1. topical application
  2. inhalation
  3. internal consumption

Topical of course would be applied right to the area of need or as I mentioned, the bottom of the feet is an excellent place to apply them. I like to apply  to my feet at bedtime. Sweet Dreams!

Inhalation can be right from the bottle, drop in palm and cup hands around mouth and nose and breathe deeply, diffuser. Did you know that a diffuser comes free with a premium starter kit? Yep.



Internal consumption, drop in water or beverage. Use stainless steel or glass only!  Plastic and Styrofoam are petrol chemicals and oils will eat right thru it. Plus you do not want those nasty chemicals in your body!

You can also add oils to a vegetable capsule and take them that way. You can cook with them as well. Young Living has an entire Vitality line of oils that are specifically for internal consumption.

Enjoy this little video of the 5 ways to use oils.

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